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Java Jos

Java Jos, a learning Javanese application aims to help kids 7-12 years old learn Javanese character as well as enrich their cultural experience

Learn Javanese Character ( Aksara Jawa ) with Java Jos!

Are you ready kids ?!
Together with the loveable characters from Spongebob Squarepants, we aim to provide learning Javanese application for kids ( 7 - 12 years old)

Why Java Jos? What's so special?

  • Wonderfully and carefully designed adjusting what kids like
  • Working with visual learning method
  • Working to provide the simple and easy curriculum method in learning Javanese
  • Cultivating competitive method by providing tests
  • Learning by gaming! Play the puzzle test and memorize the characters
  • Track your study report, what you've learned and your latest score in every test!

Why Javanese?

Javanese is a mother language of one of the biggest island located in Indonesia, South East Asia.
As you might know, Asia and especially Indonesia is rich with its cultural experience with its diversity.
One of the uniqueness is in every different island there will be different language, that's why we have Javanese language.
Now the uniqueness of Javanese is it has its own character, called Aksara Jawa
So, enjoy the piece of Java cultural experience by learning its language especially the character! Welcome to Java, Indonesia!

Go download Java Jos for free !!

This application is developed by Linda Martin Prasetyo and Debora Rose Maryna, currently studying as sophomore at Ma Chung University ( Universitas Ma Chung) taking Information System Major in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia

We developed this application as the requirement for our final exam at Object Oriented Programming class for approximately 3-4 months and yes this is our very first project.
We really hope you enjoy and like our project, however as newbie, we realize there's still lots of lack in our program, so please give us any comments, critics, and advices to make us better!
And please appreciate our hard work and hardship during the making of this application by not acknowledging and using our works as yours. :)

Thanks to :

  • Mr. Soetam Rizky Wicaksono as our lecturer and adviser during the development of this project
  • Eugenio Jacobo Hernandez Valdelamar, the author of jigsaw puzzle code
  • Chintiya Zein & Dwi Martha Susanti, for inspiring us the code of new & load feature :)
  • Nickelodeon- spongebob squarepants, for the inspiring and loveable character ever
  • Information System Department, Ma Chung University

Find us @ twitter! @lindamartinp @beedebbie
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